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Toy Dominoes

Delight your imagination with our one-of-a-kind toy dominos! Building dominoes offers a creative way to learn, explore, and have fun. Plus, what's equally exciting is that our dominoes knock down just as smoothly as they stand up! So whether you're looking to build up some mini island blue dominoes or to topple over some teal dominoes, we invite you to explore our entire toy dominoes collection—and all the colors and creations that await you!

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Why You Should Buy Dominoes Toys Online

There's no limit to your imagination when you start with a package of Bulk Dominoes–toys online that are delivered right to your doorstep! Dominoes provide hours of hands-on fun. You can choose from dozens of different colors in every conceivable shade. We have dominoes for sale in kits that include rainbows of colors. Or, you can buy bulk dominoes in your favorite shade. Mix and match sets to create one-of-kind masterpieces that stack. Then, give those dominoes a knock-down and begin again. Whatever color or size you prefer, Bulk Dominoes is the place to buy all your stackable dominoes.

Who Uses Toy Dominoes?

Well, they aren't just for kids. Sure, toy dominoes are terrific for teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math (STEAM) skills — developing layouts and mixing & matching colored dominoes for building and stacking contribute to a child's development. But adults can get in on the action, too. There's a lot of competition among the big kids for domino dominance. Our online leaderboards are proof of this. Among our clients are artists and world record holders who trust us to deliver dominoes that feature accuracy and precision. You may even have seen our dominoes in movies, videos, TV commercials and other setups. We have fans around the world!

Why Are Your Building Dominoes the Best?

At Bulk Dominoes, we start with high-quality materials and mold our dominoes into the ideal weight and size. Each domino is square and ultra-flat for perfect stacking. And we know that clean edges make for solid placement and stability. Finally, the dense weight of our bulk dominoes translates into easy and secure placement. All in all, if stacking and toppling are your passion, be assured that our dominoes knock down the competition. And, we manufacture our building dominoes and all the other domino products we sell in the U.S.A.

Do You Have Different Kinds of Colored Dominoes for Building?

We have four domino varieties. Mix and match them to create your next layout:

  • Pro: Our pro colored dominoes for building are the most popular, which is why you'll find these in dozens of different colors. Stats for these are:
    • Length: 1.88" (48mm)
    • Width: .945" (24mm)
    • Thickness: .29" (7.5mm)
    • Weight: .30oz (8.5g)
  • Kinetic: Similar in shape and size to our classic style, kinetic building dominoes are lighter and feature diamond-shaped etchings.
    • Length: 1.88" (48mm)
    • Width: .945" (24mm)
    • Thickness: .29" (7.5mm)
    • Weight: .16oz (4.44g)
  • Mini: Available in several different colors, mini dominoes knock down easily in tighter spaces:
    • Length: .945" (24mm)
    • Width: .472" (12mm)
    • Thickness: .29" (4mm)
  • Micro Mini: These dominoes are 80x smaller than classic dominoes. Bring a solid surface and a steady hand:
    • Length: .395" (10mm)
    • Width: .197" (5mm)
    • Thickness: .08" (2mm)
    • Weight: .003oz (.09g)
  • DropForce™ Ultra Heavyweight: Weighing 2.3x more than classic dominoes, these guys are perfect for knocking down structures, tumbling from heights in chain reaction stunts, creating extra stable buildings, establishing counterbalances and performing underwater domino toppling:
    • Length: 1.88" (48mm)
    • Width: .945" / 24mm
    • Thickness: .29" / 7.5mm
    • Weight: .71oz / 20g

Buy Bulk Dominoes: Toys Online that Stack & Tumble

Whether you're an experienced domino champ or you're just beginning to discover the thrill of domino building, we can help you pursue this fun and enjoyable pastime. With a gazillion different colors and several sizes to choose from, you're sure to find the dominoes that will rock your layout. Be sure to check out the deals and purchase dominoes on sale or see what new products we have in stock. Please contact us if you need more information, and see our shipping FAQs for more information. There's something in Bulk Dominoes' toys online for everyone who loves to set 'em up and knock 'em down!

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