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Bulk Dominoes - Neon Basics


Bulk Dominoes - Neon Basics

The Bulk Dominoes Neon Basics comes with more than everything you need to begin to explore hot color domino toppling, both as an activity and as the precursor to a seriously cool and groovy hobby. Dark contrasting parts work well with bright neon colors and it makes it super easy to get started toppling dominoes right away! With the perfect blend of bulk dominoes for domino runs and 3D structures and enough accessories to make it easy to start out.

 Kit Includes : 

  • 100 - Mixed Dominoes ( Pro-Dominoes ) - Dayglow Blue, Sour Apple Green, Candy Apple Green, Neon Orange, Hot Pink
  • 1 - Black Bridge  ( 2 pcs )
  • 1 - Black Domino Template
  • 8 - Black Line Reactors
  • 1 - BONUS Domino Spinner
  • Expandable Interlocking Design
  • Made in the USA


Building and designing with dominoes are great for STEM and STEAM -  Science, technology, engineering, Arts, and mathematics. Stacking dominoes also uses hand eye coordination and there is a great level of accomplishment and satisfaction when they all fall down.

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