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Welcome to the Bulk Domino Record Leaderboards!
Claim your fame of toppling awesomeness. Compete head to head against your fellow topplers for a chance at glory, fame, and  domino supremacy. Submit your record today! Current world record and YouTube video record holders will have to start over here as past records will not count. It is a fresh start to a new era in domino records that will be monitored and maintained into the future. The most important part is to have fun!

Rules and Restrictions:
1. The topple must be one continuous shot.
2. The dominoes must be toppled, only fallen dominoes will be counted. (for the stack, it needs to be knocked over after standing for 15 secs.)
3. The domino setup and video upload date must be no more than 1 month old from submission date.
4. You must be present in the video (beginning or end is fine); "I'm [alias] and this is my attempt at the Bulk Dominoes [Entry] Record." In the case of a group, "We're [alias, alias, etc] and this is our attempt at the Bulk Dominoes [Entry] Record."
5. Only Bulk Dominoes may be used.
6. Video must be publicly available. In case of a removed video, the record will be forfeited.
7. A setup only counts for one record, although videos may include multiple setups as long as the rest of the rules are followed.
8. Additional Rules and Restrictions can be found(if any) on the Individual Leaderboard pages.
9. Family friendly content only. (this includes names, companies, references, content, etc)
10. Have fun!
note: To ensure your video is not taken down on social media, be sure not to include copyrighted songs/music.

Bulk Dominoes Grand Champion

Mark Tagawa
Place Type Record Country Date Video
1 2d Pyramid(Mini Micro) 190 11-23-19
1 2d Pyramid(Planks) 135 11-15-19
1 3d Pyramid(Planks) 290 11-17-19
1 BD 5000 Launcher(Planks) 1 11-26-19
1 Fall Wall(Mini Micro) 306 11-10-19
1 Spiral(Planks) 400 11-29-19
1 Field(Mini Micro) 1328 10-28-19
1 Field(Planks) 520 11-20-19
1 Height(Planks) 92.24 / 2343 11-11-19
1 Largest Cube(Planks) 512 11-18-19
1 3d Pyramid(Blokix™ Creative Building Blocks) 251 12-09-19
1 Spinner(Mini) 77 01-15-20
1 Most Bridges(Mini) 6 10-15-19
1 Single Chain(Planks) 330 11-11-19
1 Lightning Run(Blokix™ Creative Building Blocks) 288 12-25-19
1 Spiral(Blokix™ Creative Building Blocks) 288 12-25-19
1 Spiral(Mini Micro) 861 11-03-19
1 Time(Mini) .97 11-25-19
1 Time(Planks) .183 11-22-19
1 Wall(Planks) 520 11-21-19
1 Toppled in a min(Planks) 520 11-26-19
1 Toppled in a min(Mini) 2944 12-03-19
1 Height(Blokix™ Creative Building Blocks) 94.37 / 2397 12-04-19
1 2d Pyramid(Blokix™ Creative Building Blocks) 275 12-07-19
1 Single Chain(Mini Micro) 669 10-24-19
1 Wall(Mini) 1124 01-13-20
1 Single Chain(Mini) 1632 12-16-19
1 Wall(Blokix™ Creative Building Blocks) 288 12-16-19
1 Single Chain(Blokix™ Creative Building Blocks) 288 12-16-19
1 Largest Cube(Blokix™ Creative Building Blocks) 288 12-23-19
1 Field(Blokix™ Creative Building Blocks) 288 12-23-19
1 BD 5000 Launcher(Blokix™ Creative Building Blocks) 2 12-24-19
1 Toppled Per Min(Blokix™ Creative Building Blocks) 288 12-25-19
1 Time(Blokix™ Creative Building Blocks) .25 12-25-19
1 Most Bridges(Mini) 60 01-27-20
*rules to dethrone a champion below

If you would like to submit a record for a category that is not listed, feel free to contact us at

*To successfully dethrone a Bulk Dominoes Grand Champion you need to have more #1's in any type. Sub Categories do count(individual micro, mini micro, planks). There are no group champions, this position is for the individual #1 positions only. If a person ties the #1 positions as the Champion, the Champion retains their title. It is not until an individual has more than the current champion can a Grand Champion be dethroned. If a Champion falls below two or more tied for 2nd, the Champion retains the title till there is only one untied victor.