world record micro dominoes

Introducing the official world record size Mini Dominoes. Ready to challenge the top builders around the world. These dominoes are 80X smaller than regular dominoes and require a steady hand and a solid surface to succeed. Some would say it is the easiest record to achieve at the moment but only time will tell if the world has the time, patience, and dedication to stack and topple the Mini Dominoes.

These precision made Mini Dominoes are of the highest quality and standards and feature perfect edges. The scale of these dominoes demand perfection as the slightest vibration or wind can cause the whole setup to topple.

Dimensions - 10mm x 5mm x 2mm Weight - .13g

minifigure with micro dominoes

micro size comparison

80 X Smaller

If you are interested in attempting a new world record contact us below.

there are many records.

  • Current Guinness world record : 2000pcs
  • Current Youtube Record : 2938
  • Wall - no current record set
  • pyramid - ncurrent record set
  • spiral -  no current record set
  • field - ncurrent record set
  • longest straight line - ncurrent record set
  • and many more.

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