Rapid Track Details

Rapid Track

Rapid Track makes building with dominoes faster and easier. Simply insert the colored domino of your choice, knock them down and quickly stand them back up again. Rapid Track also transverses previously undomino-friendly terrain. Lawns, yards, carpet, gravel, rocks, and other domino unfriendly landscapes.

Setup is easy. Setting them back up again is much easier than placing them down by hand. Just slide your hand back up along the dominoes to reset them and now you can knock them down again!

Safety gaps? Don’t risk losing all your work to an unwanted topple, just leave a gap for the rapid track. When your ready to topple just slide in a Rapid Track to fill the gap!

Domino Arcs!

Flippy, clippy, and linking fun! These useful clips snap into action allowing spinning, flipping, rolling, linking, and creating new types of chain reactions! Domino Arcs work with the other accessories in this kit and are really fantastic to play with. Arcs work with all pro-scale dominoes.

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Spinners --- Templates --- Bridges

Bulk Domino Spinners are super fun and easy to use. Domino Spinners change the direction of your run or add additional runs in the opposite or different directions while maintaining the current run. With more than 6 different ways to use just one of these and more than a dozen tricks if you have two! Spinners are a must have accessory for anyone stacking and toppling dominoes.

Domino Templates are a must have to make your designs straight or symmetrical. Templates make it fast and easy to set up large runs and fields for Pro dominoes, Kinetic Dominoes, and Mini Dominoes. Multiple templates can be connected together to create large templates for amazing designs and extra long runs. features proper spacing for building walls and towers. This template also helps young builders making it easy for them to set up more dominoes.

The Domino Bridge is the perfect accessory for Making passes over and under the bridge. With the interlocking design, you can add Straight track (and 4-way splitters) to add new building capabilities to your bridges and make super cool domino tracks.