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Speed Template & Precision Tool

Set up your dominoes with ease using our speed template! Set up multiple dominoes in a single line in seconds! The speed template is the perfect tool to quickly and easily set up your dominoes without the stress of knocking over your setup. The precision tool makes it even easier to handle your mini sized dominoes. Its comfortable grip allows you to easily place your dominoes within your template quickly and easily.

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Made in the USA

Every Bulk Dominoes product is proudly made at our headquarters in Ohio, USA.

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Domino Spinner

Domino Spinners change the direction of your run or add additional runs in the opposite or different directions while maintaining the current run. With more than 6 different ways to use just one of these and more than a dozen tricks if you have two! Spinners are a must have accessory for anyone stacking and toppling dominoes.

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Mini Dominoes

Mini dominoes are only .95" tall! They are perfect for the seasoned domino builder up for a challenge! With their smaller size, they are ideal for easy transport and require little space. You can even use them on book covers, desktops, counters and more!

mini starter kit


Domino Bridges

The domino bridge is the perfect accessory for making passes over and under the bridge. With the interlocking design you can add extension tracks and 4-way splitters to add new building capabilities to your bridges and make super cool domino tracks.

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