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Domino Templates are a must have to make your designs straight or symmetrical. Templates make it fast and easy to set up large runs and fields for Pro Size dominoes and Mini Size Dominoes. Multiple templates can be snapped together to create large templates for amazing designs and extra long runs. features proper spacing for building walls and towers. This template also helps young builders making it easy for them to set up more dominoes.

• Sets up 16 Pro Size Dominoes

• Sets up 32 Mini Size Dominoes

• Proper Spacing for Walls

• Durable Plastic construction

• Can be used as a Safety Stop 

• Interlocking Design

• Made in the USA


Our Domino Template is the only template to work with both pro size and mini size dominoes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Bulk Domino’s has helped me so much and the person I was inInspired by also use this bulk dominoes her name is Lilly

Sarah R.

I made sure to buy a template together with my first ever domino purchase. The template is so helpful for a beginner because it ensures that your first rows and builds are evenly spaced and lined up well, setting you up for success right away! I have both full sized and mini dominoes, and I am so glad that both of those sizes are featured on the same template, doubling the fun! The template was so useful and simple to use that I bought another one as soon as possible. The templates are interlocking so I can use them together, or I can split them up so my nieces and nephews can have fun with the dominoes at the same time. I would highly recommend this great product! I am looking forward to trying other accessories as well.

Domino Fan 8809
love these things!

These templates are so easy to use and help set up dominoes so much faster. I really enjoy making fields and other things. These templates are the perfect way to do it!

FreeFall Dominoes
So Amazing!

These templates are so perfect. You can build walls or fields! they are even flexible so they store easily.

Templates are really awesome!

We love these templates! We have 4 and of course they make domino lines much easier and less likely to fail, but they also make wall building much more sturdy. The template works perfectly for setting up the bottom line of dominoes in the most common walls and in the fast wall. Plus, the wall is less likely to fall prematurely when the template stays in during the building. The only negative is that the templates can get warped (still usable) if played with by a 5 year old and a 2 year old in some other way besides dominoes (as a sword, magic wand, teetertotter, airplane wings, etc). :-)