Mini Micro DropForce™ Ultra Heavyweight Dominoes

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Mini Micro DropForce™ Ultra Heavyweight Dominoes

 Things just got heavy! Please say hello to an all new type of domino built specifically for use where a lighter domino just isn't going to be sufficient. These are great for use when knocking down structures, falling from height onto chain reaction tricks, building extremely stable structures, counter balances, and for use when toppling dominoes underwater. Mini Micro DropForce™ Dominoes are approximately 2X heavier than the best mini micro dominoes.

Toppling dominoes is fun for nearly everyone. Unleash the creativity and inspiration of freeform design and building with Bulk Dominoes. This is only for the absolute dedicated people that want a serious challenge. The extra weight makes these much easier to setup than their lighter brothers. You are limited only by your imagination. Join the fun and start stacking and toppling dominoes today and amaze all who watch.

Mini Micro DropForce™ Ultra Heavyweight Dominoes are of the highest quality, weight, material, and size for stacking and toppling heavier dominoes. We are trusted by domino artists and world record holders to deliver not only precision-made dominoes every time, but more options and variety in their domino toppling needs. These dominoes in particular make certain tricks easier. Bulk Dominoes have been used in the making of movies, commercials, videos, and professional setups around the world. 

  • Averages 2X Heavier than Mini Micro Dominoes
  • Topples underwater! (fresh & saltwater)
  • Maximum Toppling Power
  • Ultra Flat and Square – Ensures highest level of stacking capability
  • Straight Edges – Critical for stability and placement
  • Dense Weight - Easy & secure placement
  • Toy Grade - Safe Plastic
  • Great for STEM & STEAM - Science, technology, engineering, Arts, and mathematics
  • Made in USA

Note: The large dominoes in the picture are not included. It's only the Mini Micro DropForce™ Heavyweight Dominoes


Ages 14+

Dimensions and Specs:

    Length  - .395" / 10mm

     Width   - .197" / 5mm

     Thickness - .08" / 2mm

     Weight - .006oz / .17g average