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Rapid Track

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Bulk Dominoes Rapid Track!

Bulk Dominoes Rapid Track is the ultimate toppling track introducing a new level of speed, versatility and domino connectivity. Build runs, fields and patterns and quickly set them back up again.

• 5 Bases

• Full set of 30 Clips plus 2 extra bonus clips!

• 30 mixed dominoes

• Expandable Interlocking Design

• Made in the USA

Some assembly required

choking hazard


What are Rapid Track?

Rapid Track makes building with dominoes faster and easier. Simply insert the colored domino of your choice, knock them down and quickly stand them back up again. Rapid Track also transverses previously undomino-friendly terrain. Lawns, yards, carpet, gravel, rocks, and other domino unfriendly landscapes.

Setup is easy. Setting them back up again is much easier than placing them down by hand. Just slide your hand back up along the dominoes to reset them and now you can knock them down again!

Safety gaps? Don’t risk losing all your work to an unwanted topple, just leave a gap for the rapid track. When your ready to topple just slide in a Rapid Track to fill the gap!

Really, that seems impossible!

3 to 6 dominoes in a track!!

Amazingly you don't even have to fill the entire Rapid track; you can fill every other piece to create different timings, sounds, and power! 

Why stay inline on the ground? Rise to new levels with rapid track! The Rapid Track dominoes will climb up. By using dominoes as pillars you can rise up to new levels and create even more domino tricks and chain reactions.

Swappable dominoes?

Yes yes yes!

Dominoes can be easily swapped out in any part of the track. No longer do you have to be pinned down to one color. It can be exactly the color you want and changing them out takes seconds.

How easy?

Rapid track is easy! young children will understand how to use the track. Don't worry about accidentally knocking them over because the tracks are fast and easy to set back up again.


Rapid track connects together in multiple configurations. It supports multiple angled connections to facilitate more options in creative alignment.

The tracks also have an optional screw-in system: Use #4 screws

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