What Are The Different Domino Sizes?

What Are The Different Domino Sizes?

What Are The Different Domino Sizes?

When it comes to bulk dominoes, does size matter? You bet! Whether you want to get into the world of domino toppling or you're just curious about the different kinds of dominoes available, we'll discuss everything you need to know about bulk domino sizes. This article will cover mini micro, mini, standard/professional and large size dominoes — and why Bulk Dominoes is the perfect place to find every domino size you could possibly want.

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Usage Determines Domino Size

The type of domino you choose will be based on what you intend to do with your dominoes, but there are other things to consider before choosing. For example, a child's first dominoes should be bigger because their motor skills haven't been completely developed, and large size dominoes won't frustrate small hands. If space is a concern, you'll want to get smaller dominoes that fit your set-up space.

The Smallest Domino Size: Mini Micro

  • Length: .395" (10mm)
  • Width: .197" (5mm)
  • Thickness: .080" (2mm)

Far smaller than standard dominoes, mini micro dominoes require a solid surface and steady hand. Do you have the dedication and patience needed to handle these miniature versions of pro dominoes?

Mini Dominoes' Size

  • Length: .945" (24mm)
  • Width: .472" (12mm)
  • Thickness: .290" (4mm)

Go for the next world record or just have a blast creating your own domino setups. Mini dominoes' size is petite enough for you to design and build the same walls, runs, structures and towers as you can with larger dominoes but in a far smaller space. There's no need to rent a warehouse for your display! These small-but-mighty dominoes can be set up on a desk, table or countertop as well as wood or tile floors. Choose from solid colors or clear mini dominoes to create an eye-catching run!

Professional Domino Size

  • Length: 1.88" (48mm)
  • Width: .945" (24mm)
  • Thickness: .300" (7.5mm)

Pro dominoes are the standard domino size. Available in dozens of colors, pro dominoes are used to form incredible runs along with 3D structures and objects. Maybe you're building a tower, pyramid, castle or wall. Or you're creating art in text and pictures. Wherever your creativity takes you, these toppling dominoes do it all. Pro domino setups have been used in the production of TV commercials, movies and videos, too. Whether you're a professional or amateur, bring your imagination and start stacking and toppling these pro dominoes!

Large Size Dominoes

  • Length: 3.78" (96mm)
  • Width: 1.89" (48mm)
  • Thickness: .600" (15mm)

Large size dominoes are great for children who are just beginning their domino adventure – but all ages will enjoy stacking, building and creating with these oversized bulk dominoes. Blokix™ Creative Building Blocks interlock and can be used with building clips to craft various objects, toppling towers, 3D names signs and more. They can also be used to construct long runs and chain reactions. These extra-large size dominoes promote STEM/STEAM learning: science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.

Are The Dimensions Of A Domino The Only Measurement?

Length, width and thickness determine the dominoes' size, but the weight should also be considered when choosing the type you need. For example, there are dominoes with a heavier weight, like Bulk Dominoes' Drop Force™ Ultra Heavyweight Dominoes. A more substantial weight – they're 2.3x heavier than standard dominoes – makes these dominoes perfect for knocking down structures, toppling dominoes underwater and more.

Find All The Domino Sizes You Need at Bulk Dominoes

Along with many different sizes of dominoes, we have various styles and types available, like kinetic planks and light-activated Electro Dominoes that add another dimension to your domino display. Find all the domino sizes you could ever wish for in a spectrum of colors to create the ultimate setup. Shop Bulk Dominoes today!

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